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    SPAC may be a four letter word; but, deSPAC isn’t!   deSPAC spells Opportunity.   SAVE THE DATE, REGISTER EARLY   Come join our first, in-person deSPAC conference Thursday November 10th in  NEW ORLEANS LA   Please let us know if you are interested in presenting to our audience of mutual funds and hedge funds in […]

  • BWX Technologies 9/8/22

    Dinner with  BWXT management in NYC Learn about Nuclear Submarines and radioisotopes  BWXT was recently pitched as a potential Double at our most recent idea dinner Dinner with CFO and IR 

  • EV Batteries require the Trifecta of Cobalt, Manganese, Nickel 9/7/22

    Learn about the availability of the essential input minerals ODYSSEY MARINE – Deep Sea Mineral Harvesting of Polymetallic Nodules containing the above trinity OMEX harvests Minerals That Power Green Tech Meetings available with CFO